Product solution

I modified the information architecture and designed a new user interface for a product solution based on the new style guide for a SFA/CRM solution to increase and improve sales during a rep sales visit in a store and bring a better experience.

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Product Solution

UI/UX designer

Redefine and structure

I wanted to bring to the sales reps a better experience to improve and boost their sales during a visit to a store. After analyzing their pains and gains, these solutions were categorized into 7 different themes depending on their needs.

Product Solution

One of the other main tasks was to redefine their sell system and identify in the visit process that gaps to find new and/or better opportunities and improve the solution on the steps where the sales reps had more problems or difficulties to continue and bring them a better experience.This is how I also modified the steps (IA) on a visit process.

Product Solution

UI and Style Guide

Once the UX process was finished and validated, I proceed with the user interface design based on the new guidelines for the product solutions.

Product Solution

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