UX Research, UX Design and UI Design: the whole picture. From sketch to deliver to face the digital divide. An application that connects people with their future and recruiters and training courses with talent.

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UX Researcher and UX/UI designer

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UX Research

Find a topic

After dealing to choose a topic between education and food topic, we decided to proceed with education, a topic with which we identified more.


Getting data

After a first desk research and going deeper with our topic we decided to interview people related with education: parents, students and teacher.

After asking them a few demographic questions we structured the interviews in different blocks: organization, communication, relationship, tools, resources… and about how Covid influenced their fields.



We create our user personas: Lucía (our student), Daniel (our teacher) and, Martha (our mother). We wanted to feel more identified and, trying to define a problem to solve, we gave a little twist to our topic and we found a more worrying problem.


Now we were focusing on a digital divide and talent and, our user personas were updated to applicants, recruiters, and training centers.

Generate insight

With this tack in mind, we wanted to get quantitative data and have a deeper understanding.


Comparing the results with more desk research we identified a problem to solve, we got our insight.


How might we…

That’s it. We started to ask ourselves how might we help our users, how might we provide them a solution to cover a real necessity. We found that “How” that’s was going to give us the feeling that we had achieved our inflection point.

UX Design

Knowing our users

We defined a job, we understood the gains and pains for our three different profiles through the value proposition canvas methodology to find a product o service to continue with our project.



Having in mind the service we wanted to offer to our user, we defined three different user flows.

We detect that, for our applicants, the strong point was the test.


And, for our recruiters or training courses, the strong point was the matching that we got with applicant test results.


Value proposal

At this point, we had everything connected. Our users were the point of view to the other two profiles closing the circle and being inclusive and covering all their needs.


Defining our project

Developing a user journey map allowed us to start giving shape to Talenty. We defined our MVP that was going to give us the possibility to set the next steps, the AI, and starting with our first wireframes.


We decided to work separately, for later, put our ideas and design together. Working this way allowed us to bring more fresh points of view and different ideas. But then we had to start an important process arguing, debating, justifying our designs and get the best from each one and continue with the rest of Talenty.


UI Design

Look and feel

To proceed with this process, we started with UI research to create a mood board.


Trying to denote and be technological, we decided to define our design system and guidelines for Talenty. We also define the kind of illustrations that were going to be present in different sections to provide a friendlier sensation to the users.


Although we had to deal with continuous iterations during the process, we got a homogeneous look and feel.

The challenge during this process was to define the best AI, allow these users to navigate with just a few clicks, and design the test as a game.



We had the opportunity to test our project with real users. We proceeded to do our prototype and, defined the task for our users.

Here you can find some testimonials (in Spanish) from our tests:

Once we finished with our user test, analyze their journeys, if they finished their tasks, if they understood Talenty… it was time, again, to iterate and improve it to get a better experience for our users.

If you want to know more about the project you can contact Talenty Team.

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